What Style of Business Backpack Best Suits You?

There will be many demands placed on your new business backpack or bag. Not only does it need to efficiently carry your items, but it must also be strong, durable, and look good too. How do you choose one that best suits you?

#1. Check the features first.

Many backpacks and bags say they are designed for professionals, but this tends to be more of a marketing push than an actual feature of the backpack. Look at the actual features of the bag to determine what it can do. The best business backpacks and bags offer multiple compartments and pockets for the items you need to take to work every day. If you need to carry files, then find a bag that can do that. Use a professional laptop bag if you need to carry your computer with you.

This model from Yorepek offers a laptop sleeve, anti-theft components, and USB ports or could be converted to carry books or files if needed.

#2. Know how much room you’ll need.

Backpack capacity is measured in liters, which can be confusing when shopping for a smaller business bag or backpack. Many small packs may not list their capacity at all, which makes this key point even more problematic. If you need to carry a laptop to work, you’ll want to have a pack with a minimum capacity of 20 liters. For files, paperwork, or heavy items, consider upgrading to a backpack or bag with a capacity of up to 35 liters.

This vintage leather look from Wowbox has enough room for a 17-inch laptop and is supported by a strong canvas material with shockproof cushioning to protect your valuable items.

#3. Match your style.

A business backpack or bag should look like it belongs to you. Match it up with your clothing, your shoes, and your personality. If your dress code requires business casual at a minimum, then look for a business bag that is crisp and refined. For careers that are casual and unstructured, trying using a pack or bag that offers a vintage style with canvas or leather components to it.

This classic business 3-gusset case from Samsonite offers a vintage look, durable style, and crisp lines that make it suitable for virtually any professional.

#4. Check the closures carefully.

Some business bags are designed to provide an open-bag design. Others are designed to lock like a briefcase. You might find one model has a top-loading feature, while another has the traditional zipper design like the backpack you took to school with you. Make sure to check the closures of your backpack carefully so that you can ensure your items can be safe and secure every day.

This model by Often gives you a traditional Messenger-bag type of look, functions like a briefcase, and is perfect for those who require a minimal business backpack.

Once you know which style suits you, then be sure to review the best business backpacks for travel and everyday use to find your new pack or bag today.

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