Is a Leather Business Backpack the Best Choice?

A leather business backpack can provide you with several immediate benefits. It protects your work items and equipment from the weather quite well. Leather is usually more comfortable to wear when your bag needs to be around your shoulders or neck. It provides a superior level of breathability as well, thanks to its natural components.

A leather business backpack may not always be the best choice, however, as it can be a costly material, require frequent maintenance, and weathering can eventually wear it out.

Here are some additional key points to consider if you’re looking to purchase a leather bag or pack to support your career.

#1. What does your commute look like?

If all you do is throw your bag into the car as you drive to work, then your business backpack needs more comfort than it does durability. Entry-level leather backpacks are an option here, but try looking at a rip-stop nylon backpack instead. It will save you some money, have the same durability, and give you a water-resistance component to the pack as well.

This option from Sosoon gives you anti-scratch components while offering a dedicated laptop sleeve too.

#2. How much storage space do you need?

Leather business backpacks come in many different sizes and shapes. There are even sling bags for those professionals who do not need to carry their laptop or large items to work with them every day. If you find that you’re carrying many small items to work and need fast access to them, then a backpack with several small external pockets would be the best choice for your needs.

This model from Kimlee offers several different pocket styles while priced at 4 times less than what a similar professional leather sling bag would cost.

#3. Do you carry a lot of weight in your backpack?

You might only carry a few things to work with you every day, but those items might be quite heavy. In this instance, whether you walk, bike, or drive, you’ll want to have a backpack that can support the weight properly inside while allowing your shoulders, back, and legs to support it properly from the outside.

This heavy-duty backpack from Evecase offers enough space for a 15.6-inch laptop, has lengthy straps that sit comfortably along the back, and has an airflow system with multiple panels to stop you from developing a sweaty back.

#4. Is this a backpack you’ll be carrying every day?

Durability comes in multiple forms when shopping for the best business bags. If you carry this pack every day to work with you, then look at the type of thread and quality of stitching that is used, whether you buy leather or you’re buying nylon. Look for polyester threading for the best results as it will not degrade as quickly in periods of prolonged sunlight or moisture compared to cotton or nylon.

Consider this option from Omoton as it also offers an anti-theft “invisible” pocket that has enough reinforcement that a knife cannot penetrate it.

Take our crash course in business attire to help make sure that you’re purchasing the right pack or bag for your needs as well.

The best business backpacks don’t have to be leather to be affordable and useful. Consider your options carefully and you’ll be able to find the perfect pack.

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