Laptop Carrying Tips for Your New Business Bag

Professionals are relying on their work laptops more than ever today to stay productive wherever they happen to be. That means there is a need to carry your laptop with you virtually everywhere, whether you’re flying internationally or driving down to the sub sandwich place for lunch.

These carrying tips for laptops will help you to make sure your new business bag can safely support your equipment.

#1. Make sure you have ADP on it. If you are using your personal laptop for work, then make sure you’ve purchased accidental damage protection for it before you travel for work. Many manufacturers allow you to purchase this insurance coverage up to 90 days after you finalize the sale of the computer. If you carry a work laptop, ask your IT department about what coverage applies to your equipment.

#2. Keep the laptop shut down while traveling. The best solution is to power off your laptop completely while you travel. This will reduce the chances of the laptop battery becoming too warm and potentially damaging your new business bag or other items that may be in the pack. You can also choose to hibernate the laptop or put it into Sleep Mode if you have work that needs to be at-the-ready for when you have a chance to work.

#3. Ensure that nay external devices are unplugged. From your flash drives to your adapters, you should not leave anything plugged into the laptop while you travel. If the business bag should be accidentally dropped, the items that are plugged in could jam into the computer and cause damage – even if your business bag comes equipped with shockproof features.

#4. Shut the lid. Although this seems like common sense, professionals who are in a hurry may choose to jam an open laptop into their new business bag. They might also slam the lid closed as they hustle to their next responsibility. Both actions put the screen of the laptop at-risk for damage. Always close the lid of the laptop slowly and make sure the latch, if present, has locked into place before storing your computer.

#5. Avoid any extreme temperatures or conditions. It only takes 15 minutes on a sunny day for temperatures inside of a vehicle to exceed the safety limits of a laptop during the Summer. Leaving your laptop in a bathroom while a shower is going on can expose it to high levels of moisture, even if it is inside your business bag at the time. Protecting your laptop and bag from extreme temperatures and conditions will help the equipment continue to function as it should.

#6. Get your data backed up. Store your critical data in the Cloud, onto a portable HDD, or use a flash drive. That way you won’t lose your information should something happen to your laptop while you are traveling or community.

You will also want to protect your laptop with some type of internet security software. Never connect to WiFi networks that are public with a work laptop either unless you have VPN capabilities. 

The best business backpacks for travel and everyday use will help you to safely and effectively carry your laptop to work. Whether that means you are going to the office, a meeting, or spending a working holiday at the beach, you’ll be able to ensure your computer can help you get your work done.

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