How to Care for Your New Business Bag

Congratulations! You’ve just purchased the best business bag to meet your commuting needs. Now you’re ready to preserve that investment by learning how to care for your new pack. Here are the steps that you’ll want to take.

#1. Clean your business bag after every trip.

Most days, this will mean emptying out your pack once you get home. If your business bag becomes dirty for some reason, you’ll want to clean it with a mild soap, warm water, and a soft brush. This will prevent the zippers and material from failing. Loosen the straps and hang the pack to dry.

We highly recommend Nikwax Tech Wash for this spot-cleaning process.

#2. Remove spots with a sponge.

Many backpacks do not respond well to a “scrubbing” action when trying to remove difficult spots. Take a sponge and carefully blot the spot with soap and lukewarm water to remove the stubborn stain instead. If you need to clean your zippers because the stain or debris has gone across its track, you’ll want to use a zipper lubricant to help them slide better.

We highly recommend M Essentials Zip Tech Semi-Solid Zipper Lubricant for this job.

#3 a. Deep clean your business bag at least once per year.

Any backpack needs to be cleaned out at least once per year, even if it is not being used. If you use your new business bag every day, you will want to give it a deep clean once every 3 months. To do this, you’ll want to vacuum out the seams of the pack to remove crumbs and dirt from the pockets. You may wish to remove the hipbelt, shoulder straps, or other items that may detach. Submerge the pack in water within a bathtub for a few seconds, drain, and then rinse with cool water.

#3 b. Leather business bags may require hand-washing and advise against submersion. 

Instead of submerging your leather business bag, you’ll want to invest into a high-quality leather cleaner for the deep cleaning process. This will allow you to condition the leather materials and wipe away any contamination on the exterior or interior of the bag without harming it. Leather tends to trap oil and dirt within its natural pores as well, which will not come out with a water wash.

That’s why we recommend the leather cleaner by Chemical Guys. It is a complete leather care kit that is pH-balance for a consistent cleaning process.

#4. Always keep your business bag out of the washing machine and dryer.

The materials of any business bag are designed to withstand some wear and tear, but most are not designed to handle the agitation and high temperatures of the standard washing machine and dryer. Always check the care label for your backpack or bag that is attached to it before proceeding. If a care tag is not available, then consult with your owner’s guide or check for online care options from your brand.

Be sure to review our crash course in business attire to match up your new business bag to the expectations of your workplace as well.

When you know how to care for your new business bag correctly, you’ll be able to extend the investment that you’ve made. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to have a clean bag or pack to take to work every day.

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