About Business Bag Review

Ever get tired of impersonal product lists when you’re trying to find something you need? When my wife and I needed to find new business backpacks for our changing career responsibilities, we ran into this issue. It was worse than annoying.

It was downright manipulative.

Far too many “advice” sites try to steer you toward a specific product. They create lists, but point out one “good” option and label all the others as “bad.” It becomes clear that they want you to purchase that one specific item.

We used our experiences to start our little site here. Our goal is simple: to help you find the best possible business backpack that meets your needs. No fluff. No bells and whistles. Just simple, straight-forward information that you can use to make your own choice.

That’s it. Really.

And if you have any questions, we’ll be sure to answer them as soon as we can. We’re not backpack experts by any means, but we can share our experiences as working professionals and hopefully that can help you locate a great pack or bag at a great price.

Best Regards,

Luke Henderson
Business Bag Review