6 Safety Tips for Keeping Your Business Bag and You Safe

In our modern world, safety is more important than ever before to consider when shopping for a new business bag. You also need to make sure that you can stay safe as you commute to work or travel for business-related purposes. These safety tips will help you make sure that you can arrive safely and then return home.

#1. Always stay ready so that you can always be ready. If you travel internationally for business, make sure that you’ve made copies of your passport, any medical cards, your credit cards, and your current travel itinerary. Give these to a trusted family member or friend and then check-in with this person at least twice per day so that your network knows you are safe.

#2. Keep to your schedule. Most dangerous situations tend to occur outside of normal working hours. No matter where you happen to be, do your best to start your day early and end it the same way so that you can stay safe. It is not uncommon for attractive areas to become bastions of crime when the sun goes down.

#3. Make sure that you’re not an easy mark. Thieves tend to target people who make themselves an easy target, often unwittingly. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to continually scan your environment. Make sure you keep your head up, that you’re looking at the people who are around you, and someone who might be thinking of taking your business bag might just leave you alone. You’ll also want to make sure your bag or pack is secured to your body. Take advantage of modern anti-theft pockets for your valuables. Consider keeping some money in your shoe or some other difficult-to-reach location in case you do have an emergency.

#4. Avoid trouble. It is usually a group of people who set up a crime in public. You’ll notice people might try to stumble into you or try to distract you in some way. Should this happen, keep a firm grip on your business bag, protect your identification, and keep a hand free to politely push someone away who is in your personal space. If you watch for these events, you’ll often see them happen in front of you. Cross the street before you get to the area and it tends to be easier to avoid trouble.

#5. Become a local. Even people with nefarious intent are loyal to their communities at some level. Most people will target tourists or visiting business professionals, but not target someone who is local. Getting to know the community and learning some of their jargon can help you carry on a conversation. It’s also a sign of basic respect. If you make an effort to get to know people, they’ll do the same in return.

#6. Reduce the flashiness. If you typically carry an expensive leather business bag while you commute, consider carrying an entry-level business bag when you travel. Consider carrying a decoy wallet or purse that you can readily give to someone if they do target you. You might also wish to carry your bag or purse in front of you when in a crowded situation or carry your wallet in a front pocket.

The best business backpacks for travel and everyday use come with numerous safety features that can help you keep your items secure as well. Find one that fits your needs and you’ll be able to enhance the benefits these tips can provide.

When safety is a priority, it becomes easier to make it home each night. Give people what they want if you do become compromised and in most cases, you’ll get away safely.

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