Best Business Backpacks for Travel and Everyday Use

You have a bunch of stuff that you need to carry for work. Maybe you have some projects that need to come home with you to work on over the weekend. Some professionals have travel responsibilities which take them away from home on a regular basis. Whatever the case may be for you, the benefits of owning one of the best business backpacks cannot be overstated.

The Best Chart for Business Backpacks

Many different types of bags go in and out of style over the years, but the versatility of the backpack never fades away. Here are the top-rated options that you’ll find are available right now.

PictureNameOur RatingNumber of Pockets/Compartments
Mancro Business Laptop Backpack w/ USB Charging Port 4.2
Oscaurt Anti-Theft Travel Backpack 4.3
LA Packer Lightweight Slim Business Laptop Backpack 4.5
AmazonBasics Backpack for Laptops 4.4
Kopack Business Backpack TSA Friendly 4.7
DTBG Water-Resistant Backpack with USB Port 4.0
Solo Hybrid Briefcase Backpack 4.5

Victorinox Harmony 4.0
Everki Atlas Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack 4.6
S-Zone Vintage Crazy Horse Genuine Leather Backpack 4.3
PictureNameOur RatingNumber of Pockets/Compartments

How to Choose the Best Business Backpack for Me

Here are some important considerations to think about so you can choose the best business backpack to meet your needs.

  • When in doubt, choose black or grey. Backpacks typically come in a solid color, but some colors are better than others. Choose something that works with your business attire for best results. Match the color of your pack to your fashion before thinking about how good the pack looks from a structural view.
  • Get the storage that you need. Some backpacks are designed to carry laptops and a few supplies. Others are designed to work with tablet PCs, iPads, or smartphones and will not carry a laptop. Pockets for chargers, adapters, media players, pens, pencils, and anything else you need to carry may be available as well. Look for the storage you need (and will actually use) to find a great business backpack.
  • Stop coping with a sweaty back. The best backpacks for professionals should have breathing holes along the back of the pack to promote more airflow. This reduces the amount of sweat that forms when the backpack is pressed against your back. Leather tends to be naturally breathable, but costs more than backpacks with a fabric-based breathing design.
  • Keep fully charged.If you carry a lot of technology with you every day, consider purchasing a backpack that features a USB charging port or battery. You can plug your smartphone or tablet into the port and have power to make it through the entire day. Some models have even started building battery charging directly into the bag itself.
  • The right straps. Ever slip on a backpack that felt like it put 100 pounds of weight on your lower back? Even if there is high-quality padding on a backpack like that, the muscles of your back are going to scream in protest at the end of every day. You need to pay attention to the straps of your backpack to find one that best meets your needs.Adjustable straps are a nice feature to have, but that won’t cure the problem of a poorly designed backpack.Look at how the straps of the backpack are sewn to the body of the pack itself. If the design has the straps sewn so that they are hanging off the top of the pack, then the seams will begin to loosen over time and this will cause the product to sag and hurt your back over time. You want straps that are folded just a little at their connection point and form a curve when looking at the pack from the side.

Business Backpacks and Quick Access Pockets: Yes or No?

Quick access pockets that are in your business backpack design can make it easy to grab stuff that is just a quick zip away. There are some pros and cons to this feature that must be considered before deciding on the final backpack design that’s right for you.

Pros of Quick Access Pockets

#1. It makes it easy to store items in your pack. Instead of throwing your keys into a pants pocket, you can store them in one of the quick access pockets on your backpack. You can put your wallet there too, especially on packs that have RFID-blocking technology.

#2. Some can have anti-theft features. One useful quick access pocket for your valuables is along the back of the pack between the straps. This ensures that you protect the most valuable items you have from a thief with nimble fingers. All you need to do is take the pack off to grab your items then as well.

#3. They can help you to stay organized. Many of the interior quick access pockets of a business backpack allow you to organize the items you commonly use, such as pens or pencils. Some are even large enough for small tablets or smartphones.

#4. Most tend to add bulk toward the bottom of the pack. This allows the weight of the backpack to settle into a natural position as you carry it.

Cons of Quick Access Pockets

#1. The pockets can be too small to be useful. Some backpacks have quick access pockets that can barely handle a handful of change, much less your keys or a wallet. Make sure to look at the actual dimensions of the pockets before settling on a final business backpack.

#2. There can be too many pockets to be useful. If you have too many small pockets on your backpack, then you’re creating more opportunities for the seams of your pack to wear out prematurely. Look for one quick access pocket on the top of the pack and 1-2 on the sides of the pack for best results.

#3. These pockets can be too deep as well. If this type of pocket is too deep or spacious, then it can be difficult to fit your hand inside the pocket or bag to grab what you need.

#4. Small items can be easily lost. Even with dual-zipper designs, some quick access pockets are not secure unless they are locked. It can be very easy to lose small items in top pockets with some designs.

Can a Tactical Backpack Be a Good Business Backpack?

If you’re looking for a great backpack to meet your professional needs, you might consider looking at some tactical backpacks. There are some advantages that you can receive when using a tactical-style pack for your professional needs.

  • They tend to be waterproof. Most business backpacks are water-resistant. Many tactical backpacks are waterproof. If you’re carrying a laptop or other sensitive electronics around with you every day, having a pack rated to withstand submersion can be an advantage.
  • You still receive multiple compartments. Most tactical backpacks can be organized the same way that a business backpack can be organized.
  • There are bigger capacities available. Many professionals need 25 liters or less of backpack capacity to meet their needs. Some tactical backpacks go to 35 liters of capacity or greater.
  • Many tactical backpacks are made with super strong materials. Durability is never a question when using a tactical backpack for your professional needs. Most are made from canvas or rip-stop nylon. Avoid Cordura nylon backpacks if you want to have a good waterproof product.
  • They are designed to be comfortable. Tactical backpacks are designed to be carried over long distances. This means there should always be adequate comfort available to you.

If these features are available with the modern tactical backpack, then why are they rarely included in content about business backpacks?

In a word: design.

Tactical backpacks are designed to accommodate outdoor items. They work best for camping, hiking, and hunting activities. Although you can convert a tactical backpack into a business backpack with a little work, like adding a laptop sleeve into the main compartment, the design is not intended for most business purposes.

Many professionals find that if they spend a little more to purchase a waterproof business backpack, the pockets, sleeves, and accessories that come in that category meet their needs better than the packs which fit into the tactical category.

Price Options for the Best Business Backpacks

There are several designs available right now for under $50 if you’re looking for a new business backpack. These affordable packs and bags are often made with nylon, have limited water-resistance, but good durability.

If you want to own a genuine leather business backpack, expect to pay at least $150 for one with a good design. Some leather backpacks in this category are priced above $600.

Most professionals will be able to find a good backpack that meets the needs of their daily routine for $100 or less.

Reviews of the Top 10 Business Backpacks Available Right Now


This affordable business backpack gets all the basics right. It has a dedicated laptop compartment which holds a computer that is less than 17 inches. It offers sealed side pockets, 9 inner small pockets, and lots of organizational space for everything you need to take with you to work. A combination lock combines with metal zippers that are extremely durable for a secure backpack experience. We found it to be a comfortable, useful, and well-balanced backpack.

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This business backpack offers one of the best anti-theft designs that is on the market today. Instead of giving you a secure quick access pocket, the zipper of the main pocket on this pack is fully hidden within the back of the bag. It offers an adjustable main compartment as well, with laptop storage as an option, with plenty of organizational pockets to use. The total capacity of the backpack is 12 liters and it offers a USB charging port, though you’ll need a power bank to operate it.

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LA Packer

This is an excellent business backpack for the professional who wants to have a slim, but still multi-pocketed, style of pack. The front section of this backpack features two small pockets, along with two pen pockets and extra space to stay organized. The main compartment has an internal pocket for a wallet and dedicated space for a portable charger or phone. There are two side pockets which extend as well for extra space, plus room for a tablet even if you’re carrying a laptop too. It’s a great backpack at a better price.

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If your primary need is to carry a laptop to work with you and then back home, then you’ll want to give this backpack a closer look. It’s a large multi-compartmental backpack that has the capability of holding slim 17-inch laptops or a standard 15.6-inch model. Water bottles fit into the mesh pockets on the side of the pack. It has the organizational pockets that you want and the space you need for added books, files, or papers. Pound for pound, it’s one of the best backpacks available today in any category.

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This business backpack is designed for professionals who find themselves flying on a frequent basis. The design allows for the pack to be quickly opened at a checkpoint, providing the inspector with a 180-degree view immediately. The design also lays flat, making inspections easier so that your items stay organized. There are two laptop compartments with this pack as well, fitting most 17-inch designs. More than a dozen pockets are available for packing almost anything and you’ve got the space to take everything needed for up to a 3-day business trip.

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This is one of the best business backpacks for those who ride their bicycle to work or walk in congested areas. There is a reflective bike-light loop on this design, and four points of reflection, allowing someone to see you and your pack from almost any direction. It holds a laptop within a compartment that requires dual-zipper access and provides a thick layer of padding to make sure the equipment stays safe. The rest of the design is standard within the industry, allowing you to stay organized whether you’re coming or going from work.

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Many businesses offer multiple types of environments that can require workers to adapt. Someone may go from a business casual satellite office to the formal headquarters for a meeting and then head out for a casual meeting with a prospect. This business backpack can meet each one of those style needs. It is a briefcase that can transform into a backpack and offers a compartment to safely protect your laptop in either configuration. There’s also a dedicated interior pocket for an iPad or tablet PC. It’s versatile, comfortable, and will make sure you can get your work done.

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This is the business backpack you’ll want if you desire durability, luxury, and comfort in one simple package. It’s a smaller backpack than other designs, functioning more like a shoulder bag in many ways. There’s still enough room inside the pack to carry your laptop and the interior is fully-lined to keep your items safe and organized. Dedicated pockets for a smartphone, e-reader, and a suede zippered valuables pocket are available as well. You can also convert the rear pocket into a sleeve as a carrying option too.

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If you own a large work laptop, then this is the business backpack for you. It is rated to hold 17.3-inch laptops and there’s still room to spare. It is also a security-friendly pack, opening 180 degrees for a fast inspection. There’s a dedicated soft-lined pocket within the interior for your tablet or other electronic devices. A separate accessories pouch is included with this back as well so that you don’t need to store everything in one place. Even the top quick access pocket is felt-lined so you can protect your glasses, gadgets, or other gear.

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If you’ve always wanted to own a leather business backpack, then here is the best option that is in this category. It features a genuine leather exterior and an artificial leather interior, which helps to cut down some of the costs of the product. The main pocket in this pack can hold up to a 17-inch laptop. Then there are multiple pockets on the exterior of this backpack so you can store your other needed items as well. It’s strong enough to go hiking with you, which means it can meet the demands of your daily commute. The leather also tends to darken more with use, giving you an attractive professional backpack that does everything you need it to do.

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Which of the Best Business Backpacks is Right for You?

Business backpacks come in many different styles and shapes. Each offers a unique experience that caters to the individual needs of every professional. There is never a one-size-fits-all solution for this type of product.

You’ll also want to make sure that you’re caring for your new business bag in the right way to maximize your investment today.

Not sure about what backpack would work best for you? Then here’s a business backpack style guide that can help you make the right choice.

The best business backpacks will help you stay organized, look great, and focus on your career. It’s time to take control of your commute or your travel responsibilities. Make sure you purchase your new business backpack today!